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Vincent Pastore

"Marco Monte"

Vincent Pastore’s breakout role in the HBO award winning series THE SOPRANOS took him in many directions. His early days in New Rochelle, NY performing in community theater, running discos and owning rock and roll bars, led to the household name of “Big Pussy”. He was encouraged to pursue film acting by Kevin and Matt Dillon, who frequented his bars in the '80s. Vincent landed his first major film with Nancy Savoca’s award winning film TRUE LOVE, and he was on his way. Working on LAW AND ORDER, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, GOODFELLAS, AWAKENINGS and REGARDING HENRY. Other projects included some on the small stage in New York City. He landed his first major role as Tony Scarboni opposite Alan Arkin in THE JERKY BOYS.

After that GOTTI, WITNESS TO THE MOB, and then THE SOPRANOS followed. He went on to do the films MADE, SERVING SARA, THE HURRICANE and TWO FAMILY HOUSE, to name just a few. Recently Vincent has appeared in HAWAII FIVE-O and in theater in CHICAGO. With the Woody Allen play BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, he is now part of the Broadway community. His work with charities such as Light of Day, Wounded Warriors, Self Help Africa, WHY for Hunger, and the Lustgarden Foundation has brought him together with such celebrities as Donald Trump, Trace Adkins, Steven Baldwin, Bruce Springsteen, to name a few. He is the author of CRAZY HORSE, a play about his life experiences in the bar business, which is currently under the direction of his Soprano co-star Maureen Van Zandt. Vincent dedicates his work to the late James Gandolfini.

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