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The classy titled short “Good ’n Screwed” features Sopranos Vinnie Pastore and Robert Funaro, who’s in Scorsese’s “The Irishman” .


Bits & pieces

Joanna Bonaro, of some show called “Good ’n Screwed,” just taped Maureen Van Zandt’s Generation Gap podcast. Maureen, a k a Mrs. Steven Van Zandt, who plays with some guy named Springsteen . . .

Despite Liam Neeson in every other film and Denzel gearing for B’way, here’s Taraji P. Henson: “Soon as we women get older they send us out to pasture.”

The Glorious Corner: Joanna Bonaro’s ‘Good ‘n Screwed’ 2/2/18

GOOD ‘n SCREWED — Actress-writer Joanna Bonaro didn’t pull any punches on her Generation Gap radio-interview with Josh Accardo and Maureen Van Zandt (wife of Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt), tub-thumping her forthcoming TV skein Good ‘n Screwed, which focuses on the travails of a woman, at 47, suddenly getting a divorce and re-discovering her life.

“There are over 116 million women, over 50; with a combined buying power of 19 trillion. Good ‘n Screwed is a dramedy, but focusing in on a very real part of the audience,” Bonaro adds. Click to read the full article

THE MAC WIRE 1/17/18

GOOD ‘N SCREWED — Journalist Brad Balfour interviewed Good ‘n Screwed creator Joanna Bonaro earlier this week in midtown, along with director Kelli K. Barnett and actress Suzanne Smart, who essays Bonaro’s sister in the TV-pilot. Balfour, who is about to launch a new podcast as well, delved into the creation of the show with Bonaro and talked about the recent addition of Vinny Pastore (The Sopranos) to the cast.

A GNS-insider tipped me that the show is now at two of the top cablenets out there right now. We’ve seen the full pilot unspooled and it’s scintillatingly perfect for these times. Bonaro has crafted a Sex In The City for the new millennia. More to come on this one.


Bits & pieces

VINNY Pastore. At Heads Turn hair salon. In Marine Park. That’s Brooklyn. Filming for the TV thing “Good n Screwed.” I knew you’d want to know.

Good N’ Screwed brings Bronx influence to the big screen

By Sarah Valenzuela

Screenwriter and actress, Joanna Bonaro, who is known for her roles in Law and Order: SVU among other flicks, wrote the comedy series in 2015 and dedicated it to her mother, Grace, who passed away in 2016.


After she passed away, Bonaro started filming the show’s pilot.

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“We (my sister and I) had just come from the cemetery for the first time, St. Raymond’s Cemetery,” said Bonaro. “We were going to go to Patricia’s, and we were walking around looking at my old neighborhood, so to speak, and we passed a cigar store (Avenue Cigar Lounge).”

Click to read the full article

Meet Joanna Bonaro Writer and Actress of the New Series “Good ’N’ Screwed


Live interview with actress and writer Joanna Bonaro at Lambs Club in New York City to learn about her new series. She created, “Good ’N’ Screwed,” a series created by and for women over 40. “Good ’N’ Screwed,” is about coming into middle age. We follow the journey of Nina, a naive, neurotic, “good girl,” trying to be Bad, as she embarks on the rocky path to rediscover love and life again in the fast lanes of New York City.


Click to read & see the full interview


Renegade Theatre at The Cutting Room - Monday night at The Cutting Room in NYC was a staged reading of Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna's Lovers and Other Strangers, with Vincent Pastore, Maureen Van Zandt, Joanna Bonaro, Ernest Mingione and others. .... Renegade's Steven Van Zandt, yes that Steven Van Zandt, took the stage and gave a proper intro to the play and echoed many sentiments of the time....The show consists of five vignettes, the first of which was titled Brenda and Jerry and featured Maureen Van Zandt and Warren Bub... the performances are just great and it was very strong...  Bea, Frank, Richie and Joan, directed by Steven Van Zandt, was terrific as well, featuring the talented Joanna Bonaro and Vincent Pastore.  The two of them were superb.  Bonaro, riding high with her GOOD 'n Screwed pilot (featuring Robert Funaro) winning awards and playing some premier TV festivals all over the world, was just spot-on delivering a performance for the ages.  Pastore was exceedingly terrific. In a packed house (where we saw Rascals' Eddie Brigati) the crowd was riveted by the excellent performances. Steven Van Zandt is to be commended for bringing some fine work to his Renegade Concern. Bravo!


Joanna Bonaro’s Good ‘n Screwed Eyes Neglected TV Niche, 40-Plus Women

New Yorker Joanna Bonaro wrote, produced and stars in “Good ‘n Screwed,” a half-hour series about the trials and tribulation of a woman suddenly divorced and back in the dating pool. A self-confessed “Sex And The City” fan, Bonaro has cast a perfect tale for today directed at women over 40.

The cast features Robert Funaro (“The Sopranos,” “The Sinner”) and Armen Garo (“Gotham”), with Suzanne H. Smart, Warren Bub, Lori Hammel, Deborah Unger and Ernest Mingione.

Click to read the full article


Coming of age
“Law & Order: SVU” actress Joanna Bonaro wrote TV short “Good ’n Screwed” (classy title) about divorced, widowed and spinstered women dating, romancing, lusting, getting it on and getting it off after age 40. She claims they want to view themselves reflected on nightly TV. Emmy-nominated Fonda and Tomlin’s series “Grace and Frankie” started the belles rolling.


Live Interview with Joanna Bonaro, Kelli K. Barnett and Suzanne H. Smart

TMW Interview: Good ‘n Screwed Creator Joanna Bonaro Speaks 6/17/17

by G. H. Harding 

Actress, producer, creator Joanna Bonaro has written the comedy/dramedy Good ‘n Screwed, which is being rolled out to prospective network outlets later this month. We caught up with the peripatetic Bonaro between production meetings to talk about her creation:


Q: Tell us about the inspiration behind Good ‘n Screwed:

 A: I was inspired to create this series by my many female friends who are divorced, widowed, or who have never married.  One friend was married for 25 years and out of the blue her husband divorced her, another woman pursued her career so feverishly for 20 years never dated and now feels like a novice. 

These women now confront the daunting task of dating after 40. Their stories and other friends’ humorous and heartbreaking experiences inspired me to create this series. Women over 40 are usually portrayed in supporting roles of a certain type. There aren’t very many juicy roles that showcase this age range in all their glory; meaning reflective of all the women you and I know in everyday life. These women want to see a reflection of themselves on their nightly viewing screen.

Click to read the full interview

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