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Good ‘n Screwed is a middle age “coming of age” comedy that follows the unraveling journey of Nina, a seemingly neurotic, everyday woman who is given a second chance in love, life and self discovery by means of a near-breakdown.

When I first read the script, I thought of many of the women in my life. I instantly knew that I could get my heart, head and arms around the characters and their circumstances because they resonated so intensely with me, and that needed to be shared.

In the writing there is a sense of catharsis that transpires by making us laugh at matters that are serious and universal.

In order to get the funny off of the page and capture the sense of timing, I worked very closely not only with this amazingly talented cast, but also with our cinematographer. We decided to use multiple cameras, all hand-held or rigged steady cam mounts. This shooting style brings an organic feel of life, movement and breath to the story.

My hope is that as a female-driven project, we will continue to break down the stereotypes of what is attractive and desirable in women post-35, who are not of the perfect size and type.

I am a new mother to an eight-month old baby girl so my passion to obliterate such barriers and ideas has fiercely multiplied.

With Gratitude & Laughter —
Kelli K. Barnett




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