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Sariah Eisenberg

Makeup Artist/Hairstylist & Music Contributor 

Makeup credits: Sariah loves preparing her clients for every event, from commercials, movie sets, an elegant evening on the red carpet, and NY/LA fashion shows. Trained by MAC in New York City, she is prepared for anything, from a natural glow to dramatic, smoky eyes. Her work can be seen in the upcoming independent movie DATING MY MOTHER, on the runway for National Jean Company, and more. To learn about and purchase her very own makeup line, please visit:

Music credits: Boston native Sariah arrived in NYC in 2004, the dance/pop artist first hit the scene with 2010’s "Deep N Luv" which landed on the Billboard Club Chart, along with its follow up, "All About Sex". 2015’s release of "Queen of Hearts" EP sparked the interest of Grammy-winning producer Dave Aude, whose remix of Sariah’s "Aware Alive Awake" hit #23 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Currently putting the finishing touches on her Fall release, Sariah is teaming up with LA-based producers Free Slice. Her next EP will be a series of remixes, bringing a new sound to known songs. “Since the release of songs like 'All About Sex', I have matured so much as a woman…and my music grows in the same way.“  Website:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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